Billur Ertugrul
2 min readMar 7, 2020

Fact 1: the corporate world is the world of competition

Fact 2: you select whether this competitive world gives you pleasure or concerns.

Then How?

We have needs:





And you,

If you selected to have these needs through your company’s brand power, the world of competition means concern.

Do I represent my company correctly?

Is my manager happy with me?

Are my work, my labor notices?

Will I get the promotion I want?

Are my competitors stronger than me?

How long will I be in this company?

You try to succeed “despite” these thoughts; you try to be happy and you try to be enthusiastic

Because you get all the power you need from your company’s brand

The message of this world is clear: “Without Me you are nothing”

And you,

If you have your needs through your personal brand power, the world of competition gives you pleasure.

You select your own company.

As the face of the company you manage, you enjoy increasing company value

You don’t expect your work to speak for you; but you sell them

Your competitors become not your colleague but the industry’s opinion leaders.

You start to see your managers as your customers and yes “please more work”!

You say the message of this world “I know the world is very busy but I can shine myself!”

That’s why:

Shine yourself first!

Shine your personal brand first!

Then enjoy a good corporate brand taking advantage of your light!



Billur Ertugrul

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